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“You Can Have A Conversation With Him; You Can Talk About Life”
November 2014

“Ted is probably one of the most reliable real estate agents I have ever been in touch with. He’s not so much in the market to wine and dine you over a great sale, he is more focused on the area, the surrounding neighborhood, is it safe, can you walk home safely from the train every night? Can you let your kids out in the front yard without any problems? You have to think about those types of things when buying a house… location, location, location. And Ted gets it.

He assisted me in finding my first condo. We probably looked at 15 places before I found the place I bought. Ted was more than happy to show me around, he knew all the intricacies of the places we were visiting, he knew where to look for mold, what appliances were old and needed to be replaced, what other units sold for, he knew the details, he is always looking out for your best interest, which I think is the greatest quality of Ted as a real estate agent. And moreover, he is more like a friend than anything. You can have a conversation with him, you can talk about life, etc. It’s not 100% about business. I would highly recommend him for future use for buying and selling home/condo/apartment.”

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