What is the one question I get more than others? Yeah, you guessed it….

“Hey Ted, what is my home worth?”

My default answer to all questions real estate related is “it depends”, because it really does. Pricing and market value are truly more of an art than an exact science. Two identical homes from the outside might have completely different finishes/layouts, which would cause the prices to be vastly different of course. How are websites like Zillow and others supposed to know what the inside looks like? (Please don’t ever ask them by the way!)

For a simple and fun way to find out what your home is worth, use this button below and see what the price comes out to be. This system is 100% comparable to Zillow, Realtor and any of the other sites, using the exact same algorithms to compute a price. Hence, not 100% accurate at all.

If you’d like to know more after doing this, feel free to reach out and I would love to dig a bit deeper on TRUE market value.

– Ted

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